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Why do innovative companies choose Prime Workforce?

Bridging Technology
and Talent

Leveraging our origins as a development firm, we seamlessly connect technology with human expertise, delivering precisely matched external specialists for successful project execution.

Precision Profiling for
Instant Productivity

We aim to thoroughly understand the customer's specific requirements, including soft skills, to ensure the contractor generates value from day one.

We match profiles
within 48 hours

We find the right profile for you within 48 hours, whether for on-site in Switzerland or from our nearshore location.



Our Staff Augmentation and Nearshoring services in Switzerland seamlessly connect you with top IT talent, ensuring quality and efficiency for your project needs.

Staff Augmentation

Our IT staffing service offers tailor-made solutions for your temporary IT resource needs in Switzerland. We offer direct access to highly qualified IT professionals (On-Site & Nearshore) without going through intermediaries. With an efficient setup and a fast selection process, we can find the right profile for your project within 48 hours (Exceptions can be in niche positions.)


Our nearshoring service provides a cost-effective alternative for accessing top talent, whether you need individual resources or an entire team. We understand the challenge of finding a partner with high-quality standards that you can trust. With a local presence in Switzerland and a global perspective on nearshore locations, we bridge the gap for you. Prime Workforce has established nearshore locations in Poland and Portugal, offering you the best of both worlds.

They adapt to the project and the culture in the project.

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We believe in

Making the difference​

We firmly believe that the right people make a difference.

Continuos improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement, every day.


We prioritize efficiency, enabling us to deliver at a rapid pace.

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