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We bridge the gap to the best talents beyond Switzerland.

The modern world is a global world.

There are incredible talents all around the globe, and we want to make sure our clients have access to these talents.
That's why we offer our clients an alternative with two nearshore locations to tap into the best talents in Poland and Portugal, all while maintaining the high standards that we uphold at Prime Workforce. With over 50 developers already in our nearshore team, we bring significant added value to our clients every day and drive projects that are changing the world. Whether it's an entire team or individual skills, we assist our clients in finding the optimal setup.

Together we choose the best setup for your success

Project based

Project Outsourcing

The team of Prime Workforce not only takes over the software development, but also the entire project responsibility.

Project based

Team Sourcing

The Client takes over project responsibility while we provide you with the matching development team

Contractor as a Service

Individual professionals

Engage an individual expert for specific project.

Often times, they bring better solutions to the table; from that perspective, they are unique.

web development

Technology Focus

Our focus when it comes to building a team for a specific project includes the following technologies/frameworks: Java, Spring, Angular/React, .Net / C#, Databases, Node.js, DevOps, AWS, Kubernetes, Oracle, PL/SQL, MongoDB.

Our nearshore Locations

Poland, Krakow

Krakow, as an outstanding nearshoring location, scores with a highly qualified IT community, cultural diversity, and an inspiring atmosphere – ideal conditions for successful collaboration and innovative development projects.

Portugal, Lisbon

Lisbon has evolved into a European tech hub, serving as our second nearshoring location. It captivates with a thriving IT community, cultural treasures, and an inspiring atmosphere. Here, our development team unleashes creative solutions in a dynamic environment.

Average employee experience: 10 years
+30 Successful Projects
50+ Developers