Staff Augmenation

Every project is unique and requires different individuals; we ensure that you get the right ones.

What are the advantages of staff leasing with Prime Workforce?

Our staff leasing service in Switzerland enables you to recruit first-class IT professionals within a few days. We combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of people to provide you with the best possible candidate. At Prime Workforce, our streamlined process and top-tier talent pool ensure exceptional service. We excel in understanding technical requirements to meet our clients' needs.

Our Process

Profile Request 1

Profile Request

In the first step, we focus on understanding the role, defining clear requirements, assessing soft skills, and considering the budget. This approach ensures an efficient match between candidate skills and job expectations.
Matching Phase 1

Matching Phase

In the matching phase, we employ clear quality control mechanisms to ensure maximum efficiency. Our recruitment team not only has access to a unique talent pool but also actively engages in headhunting
CV send 2

Presentation of CV

Within 48 hours, we deliver the matched candidate (excluding niche roles).
Interview 1 1


Prime Workforce coordinates the initial interview between the candidate and the client and actively seeks first feedback to tailor profiles based on the input received.
Contract 2

Contract and onboarding

We ensure a straightforward and efficient contract process, actively supporting during the onboarding phase.
10+ years of experience in staff leasing
Unique Pool of Candidates
100% Success Rate

For whom is our service designed?

Our service is designed for companies that prioritize their employees and recognize them as their most valuable assets. It is for organizations that appreciate tailor-made and individual services, seeking the best-matched profile without sifting through a ton of CVs.