Cybersecurity from Portugal: An inventory

Cyber ​​security is crucial in today’s digital world, we can all agree on that. Portugal has established itself as a country that plays a leading role in this area. In this blog post we will explore the reasons why Portugal is so strong in cyber security and how companies can benefit from the skilled workforce in Portugal.

For readers in a hurry, a brief summary of the most important points:

  1. Portugal is  one of the leading locations  for the  development of cyber security solutions . The country is a key player in the EU cybersecurity strategy and has a well-established cybersecurity industry.
  2. Portugal is a  pioneer in the development of technologies to combat cybercrime . Collaboration between industry and the government has resulted in the country implementing several successful projects to combat cybercrime.
  3. The Portuguese government has established a  National Cyber ​​Security Center  responsible for coordinating the country’s cyber security strategy. The center coordinates activities between government, industry and other stakeholders in the field of cybersecurity.
  4. Portugal has an  excellent education system in the field of cyber security . The country’s universities offer a wide range of courses and programs in the field of cyber security and produce highly qualified professionals who are in high demand in the industry.
  5. Portugal has a  favorable business environment for companies specializing in cyber security. The country offers a  high quality of life, low operating costs and excellent infrastructure , making it attractive for companies to locate here.
  6. Swiss companies can benefit from collaborating with Portuguese companies in the field of cyber security, especially in terms of access  to talented professionals and know-how.

Why is Portugal strong in cyber security? 

In recent years, Portugal has established itself as a leading location in Europe for cyber security. There are several reasons why Portugal is strong in this area. On the one hand, Portugal has excellent training for specialists in the field of IT and cyber security. Universities in Portugal offer specialized courses and degree programs that provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry.

In addition, Portugal has invested in building a strong cyber security infrastructure in recent years. Specialized centers have been established that specialize in combating cyber-attacks and developing security solutions. Portugal has also invested in expanding broadband infrastructure and digital transformation to increase security in the digital world. Thanks to collaboration between government and industry, Portugal has also implemented several successful projects to combat cybercrime. The Portuguese government has also launched many initiatives in recent years to promote the development of cybersecurity solutions, including funding research projects and promoting cybersecurity start-ups.

Why does Portugal have many good cybersecurity professionals? 

Portugal has invested in building a strong educational infrastructure in recent years to meet the need for skilled workers in the field of cyber security. Universities in Portugal offer specialized programs and courses to improve students’ skills in this field. In addition, Portugal has also launched many initiatives to promote the recruitment of professionals in the field of cyber security. Portugal also has a strong commitment to promoting collaboration between academia and industry, meaning that universities and research institutions work closely with companies to develop innovative solutions and put the expertise of students and researchers into practice. Portugal also offers an attractive environment for international professionals, with a high level of English proficiency and a high quality of life at affordable prices, helping to attract and retain talent from around the world. 

How can Swiss companies benefit from skilled workers in Portugal? 

Swiss companies can benefit from skilled workers in Portugal by hiring them as part of their team. This can start with individual positions and expand to entire teams. On the other hand, certain topics/projects can be completely outsourced to local Portuguese companies. Especially in the field of cybersecurity, it is difficult to find qualified personnel at affordable prices, which is why Portugal is ideal for this. Portuguese cyber security professionals have excellent training and skills to help companies protect their digital infrastructure. Swiss companies can also benefit from the specialized centers and facilities in Portugal that specialize in combating cyber attacks and developing security solutions.

What are the potential challenges of such a collaboration?

  • Cultural differences: Portugal and Switzerland have different business cultures and ways of working, which can potentially lead to misunderstandings. It is important that both sides are aware of how they work together and how decisions are made.
  • Technical infrastructure: Remote work requires a reliable technical infrastructure and a fast internet connection. Swiss companies must ensure that their IT systems and security protocols meet the requirements of working with remote professionals.

Overall, these challenges may arise when hiring remote IT professionals from Portugal for Swiss companies, but they can be overcome with careful planning, clear communication and an understanding of cultural differences and ways of working.

In summary, Portugal is a leading location for cyber security. The excellent education and investments in infrastructure and training have helped Portugal produce many highly qualified professionals in the field of cyber security. Swiss companies can benefit from the skilled workers and facilities in Portugal to protect and improve their digital infrastructure. Overall, Portugal is a promising location for companies active or interested in cyber security.