Portugal: An emerging location for AI and machine learning

Lisbon, Praça do Comércio

The IT industry in Portugal has experienced significant growth in recent years, rapidly evolving into one of the most attractive destinations for technology investments and innovation in Europe. Portugal now hosts a thriving community of tech startups as well as established companies expanding their presence in the country. The Swiss Post recently announced the opening of its own IT development site in Portugal, securing crucial IT expertise for the future. The main reason cited in the article for this decision is the acute shortage of IT professionals and the intensified competition for the best IT experts. However, the Swiss Post is not the only major Swiss company to open an IT site in Portugal. For example, Swisscom operates a development site in Lisbon, and Novartis has a development center in Portugal specializing in AI and machine learning. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two of the fastest-growing areas in the technology industry. Portugal has established itself in recent years as a key location for AI and ML, with a growing number of companies specializing in these technologies. In this article, we will explore why Portugal is a leading location for AI and ML and what this means for the future.

Portugal has invested in building a robust technology infrastructure in recent years. There is a growing number of technology centers and coworking spaces across the country, providing an ideal environment for tech startups. Additionally, there is a strong academic and research community in the field of AI and ML, focusing on the development of new technologies.

A talented pool of IT professionals

Portugal boasts a talented pool of IT professionals specializing in AI and ML. Significant investments have been made in training professionals for the AI and ML industry in recent years. There is a growing number of universities and educational institutions across the country offering specialized programs and courses in this field. Many of these institutions also collaborate closely with companies to gain practical experience and bridge the gap between theory and practice. Furthermore, Portugal has initiated programs to attract professionals from other countries. The government has introduced a special visa program for foreign professionals to encourage them to work in the Portuguese tech industry. The program offers expedited visa processing and facilitated immigration to bring qualified professionals into the country.

This has contributed to the availability of a talented team of professionals in the field of AI and ML in Portugal.

Overall, Portugal not only offers excellent infrastructure and support for companies operating in AI and ML but also a talented pool of professionals that meets the requirements of companies. This makes Portugal an attractive location for companies looking for qualified professionals and a productive environment for the development of AI and ML technologies.

A favorable regulatory framework

Portugal has also established a favorable regulatory framework supporting companies in the field of AI and ML. The government has created incentives to promote the sector, including tax benefits and financial support for technology startups. Additionally, the government has announced investments in AI and ML technologies to drive innovation in this area.

A thriving ecosystem

Portugal has a thriving ecosystem for technology startups, especially in the field of AI and ML. There is a growing number of companies specializing in the development of AI and ML technologies, such as Feedzai, Aptoide, and Unbabel. Many of these companies also have a global reach, collaborating with customers and partners worldwide.

A promising outlook for the future

Portugal has a promising future in the field of AI and ML. The government is committed to investing in the sector, and there is a growing number of technology startups specializing in these technologies. With a talented workforce, a strong technology infrastructure, and a favorable regulatory framework, Portugal is well-positioned to remain a leading location for AI and ML.


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